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Applicant Type Fee (USD)
Single Applicant $7,450
Married Couple $9,450
Family (1 child <18) $10,750
Family (2 children <18) $12,500
Additional Dependents $1,400

Please note: Dependents include unmarried children below 18 years of age, or those aged 18-20 who are unmarried and financially, psychologically, or physically reliant on the primary applicant. This also encompasses parents who are above 50 years old.

No Extra Costs. Includes all processing, urgent courier and documentation cost. 
We accept USD, AUD, EUR & all major cryptocurrencies.

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The permanent residency process is simple, efficient, and confidential.

  1. Talk to a Vanuatu Permanent Residency advisor
  2. Prepare documents using our provided detailed checklist and then submit them
  3. Receive PRE-APPROVAL by submitting certified (notarized) copies of passports for due diligence
  4. Immigration Department issues a clearance letter to proceed with the full application and payment of the fee
  5. Once the application is processed, the Immigration Department issues the Permanent Residence certificate(s) and ID card(s).
  6. All certificates and ID cards are couriered to your residence (no extra fees)

From start to finish, your application will be pre-approved within 1-2 days and you will receive your PR within 7 days.

Official Designated Agents & Certified Partners of the Vanuatu Government

Certified Partner of the Vanuatu Master Agent
Vanuatu Government Certification

Paul Lenda

Partner & Director
VPR Director
I am a dual citizen of the US and Vanuatu, and am a full-time resident of Vanuatu. 

I have a degree in Finance from the Anisfield School of Business at Ramapo College, and leverage my extensive business and finance background to help clients receive permanent residency in Vanuatu, as well as support the Republic of Vanuatu through my position at Pacific Advisory when it comes to digital transformation, regenerative systems integration, and societal improvement.

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