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Vanuatu Permanent Residency Program

For just $7,450 in under 7 Days
Approval Rate

Vanuatu's Permanent Residency program provides rapid approval, typically within a week, with applications for individuals starting at $7,450. For families, a comprehensive package is available at $12,500More Vanuatu PR pricing info here.

The program features renewable 10-year residency permits and simplifies the path to citizenship after a decade, no proof of assets or mandatory investment is required.

The process is overseen by a government-certified agency, ensuring confidentiality through encrypted communication. Vanuatu's appeal as a residency choice is bolstered by its reputation for safety, low tax environment, and a supportive climate for business ventures.

Vanuatu Permanent Residency Benefits

Family Discounts

Pay only $7,450 for an individual or $12,500 for yourself, your spouse & 2 children to receive four 10-year permanent residency permits. All fees included.

Path to Citizenship

Become a naturalized Vanuatu citizen after 10 years of being a permanent resident, or renew your permanent residency permit every 10 years.

Permanent Residence

Starting at $7,450, with a Vanuatu PR visa, you have the right to settle, stay, and reside permanently in Vanuatu with your family.

No Investment Needed

No investment or proof of assets is required to apply for and receive Vanuatu Permanent Residency. Proof of assets has recently been removed as a requirement.
Excellent Plan B
Virtually No Taxes
#1 Happiest Country
Pristine Environment
Easy Business Startup
Paradise Island Nation
Hot Real Estate Market
Gateway to Asia-Pacific
Organic Domestic Food
Great Degree of Freedom
6th Lowest Crime Globally
Blockchain Innovation Hub

10 Year Vanuatu PR Starting at

One-Time Fee

Vanuatu PR Cost

Applicant Type Fee (USD)
Single Applicant $7,450
Married Couple $9,450
Family (1 child <18) $10,750
Family (2 children <18) $12,500
Additional Dependents $1,400
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Frequently Asked Questions

As providers of a bespoke permanent residency service in partnership with one of a handful of the officially designated agents in Vanuatu, we will ensure you and your family receive Vanuatu permanent residency quickly and will answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

We will provide you with all of the necessary information needed, as well as the application, required to complete the permanent residency process. All details and data received are done so through encrypted methods to ensure maximum privacy of our clients. Our communication channels are encrypted email for receiving documents, as well as Signal, Element, Telegram, and Whatsapp to answer any questions our clients have regarding the process. For privacy-minded individuals, we recommend messaging to be done through Signal or Element.

The process is quite straightforward, and if there are any inquires from the Vanuatu government concerning your application we will act as an intermediary that will ensure all questions and concerns are answered in order for permanent residency to be issued swiftly.

There is no requirement to first visit Vanuatu or live in Vanuatu for a certain number of days in a year in order to receive and keep your Vanuatu permanent residency. This provides you with great flexibility according to your needs.

Since Vanuatu is a small island nation, it needs to import many of its goods and materials it does not produce domestically. While imported goods from countries like Australia, China, and Singapore are more expensive than in mainland nations, locally-grown organic produce, seafood, and meat are all quite affordable.

If you’re looking to rent, a one-bedroom waterfront apartment in the city center of Port Vila on the island of Efate will cost you approximately 1,500 USD a month to rent, or 900 USD if it is located outside the city center. In downtown Port Vila, a three-bedroom apartment or home could run you about 2,500 USD; outside the city, it will cost you roughly 1,500 USD. If you act fast enough, you could even get a new luxury four-bedroom apartment for rent outside of the city center for a little over 2,000 USD per month.

The reasonable price per square meter in the real estate market in Vanuatu is particularly appealing for real estate buyers and investors. Vanuatu is the location to travel to if you want to purchase an apartment or home. Apartments can be purchased in the city center for 1,500 USD per square meter, while prices outside the center are closer to 750 USD per square meter.

Yes, you can! As a permanent resident, you can purchase and invest in one of the excellent real estate properties available, as well as start a business. If you would like to start your own Vanuatu business, you will need to obtain a license from VIPA first, followed by registering a company name and finally receiving a business license. We provide additional assistance and information for clients who are interested in starting a Vanuatu business as permanent residents. Vanuatu has always maintained a welcoming atmosphere for trade and business. This business-friendly focus has been demonstrated by its strong liberalized policy on free business enterprise, which is advantageous to both native and foreign-owned businesses.

  • Unrestricted foreign ownership
  • Free flow of goods, talent, capital, and information.
  • Companies are encouraged to expand into rural areas of the nation
  • VAT exemption for businesses with annual turnover of less than 4M Vatu (35,000 USD)
  • The official languages are English and French, with English being the favored language for business and contracts

Yes, we accept USD, AUD, and EUR as well as all major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, including BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, BNB, BCH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI.

About Us

We are partnered with a fully Accredited Master Agent of the Vanuatu Government that is Vanuatu’s longest established Residency and Citizenship firm, established in 2004, to process Vanuatu permanent residency applications. There are no additional fees when you use our service, and we provide an expedient and comprehensive service.

We provide expert-level advisory and residency services while also specializing in areas that include blockchain technology, government policy advisory, alternative energy solutions, and regenerative agriculture, among other areas.

Paul Lenda

Partner & Director
VPR Director
I am a dual citizen of the US and Vanuatu, and am a full-time resident of Vanuatu. 

I have a degree in Finance from the Anisfield School of Business at Ramapo College, and leverage my extensive business and finance background to help clients receive permanent residency in Vanuatu, as well as support the Republic of Vanuatu through my position at Pacific Advisory when it comes to digital transformation, regenerative systems integration, financial solutions integration, and societal improvement.


Certified Partner of the Vanuatu Master Agent
Vanuatu Government Certification

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